Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Learning with Music

If you like listening to music you can use this site to learn English: lyrics training. You'll find differnt videos with songs and they have a label with the level of English (hard-medium-easy) and a flag to indicate if it's British or American English. Have a look! It's worh a visit. Click here to go to the index directly.
If you want to start with an easy song (the Lazy Song) go to this example with an exercise of listening in 3 levels. You have to fill in the gaps typing the missing word(s) while listening to the song (the video stops until you do it so) . Click on this song. Have a good laugh!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Starting our course

Welcome to everybody! This blog tries to be a tool for learning English. We'll use it as a class diary so you'll be able to know what's on at school and in class.

I'll try to give you information about all the things you need to pass this course in general and the final exam in particular.

To start with, go to the CM official link for"pruebas de certificación" if you want to know the kind of exam you'll take at the end of the course. Click here.

See you in class.