Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas time and some reflection about Christmas and New Year

Here you are some videos to know a bit more about Christmas:
  • this short video is about curiosities on Christmas celebrations click here (NI1)
  • this is about the history of Christmas: click here
  • this is about carols or Christmas songs: click here
  • this is one of the most famous carol with lyrics: click here
But are you fed up with Christmas, eating so much, family meetings, wasting money and so on? Here you are a funny text with an exercise of filling the blanks: What we hate about Xmas (a difficult text for NI1 but you can try)

If you want to have a good time, here you are the famous video about Mr. Bean at Christmas.

Soon we'll start a new year and it's time for New Year's Resolutions. Here you are a link where you can find out about New Year's celebrations and traditions all around the world; click here to see the video.

As a New Year's resolution, this might be to improve your English by learning some proverbs or idioms. Here you are 5 examples to start with: click here

Hope to see you after Christmas holidays!

Monday, December 4, 2017

MAKE versus DO

This is a very difficult point but here you are a good link to start with: click here. Here you are the exercises we did in class: this one has a long explanation and an exercise at the end and this is the other one with the groups instead of lists.
The best way of learning is to do exercises so here you have some: