Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Present perfect simple and continuous

We have been working with present perfect and present perfect continuous. Here you have some exercises to work with:
  • FOR/SINCE: click here    or   here
  • Present perfect: grammar explanation here
  • Present perfect continuous: explanation and exercise
  • Present perfect simple/present perfect continuous: explanation and exercises at the end. Other exercises are here  and here

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to practise reading skills

Reading is a usuful tool to improve your vocabulary, to fix grammar structures and to enrich your English. Here you have some web pages for reading; have a look and choose the level which matches better with yours.

I hope you'll find enough to read. Try to be constant with your reading and use the audio after reading the text, not before.

See you in class!

Listening News

If you want to develop your listening skills here you have a link with a lot of listenings and with exercises. You can practise with both accents, American and British English; click here

There is also another page for learning English through the news in BBC Learning English; it's quite good for increasing your vocabulary. You have the piece of news with the words and with the audio so you can also practise listening comprehension; click here

If you prefer American English here you have a similar page for learning English called Voice of America. To go to the general page click here but I recommend to go to the news so click here

To finish with and if you are interested in knowing what's going on in the world, here you have a page with many links to newspapers and news; click here

See you in class!

Friday, November 8, 2013

That's English!: unit 3

This unit es about Life in Future. Here you have a summary about the use of future tenses. 


    • I’m having dinner with Kim --- arrangements, for sure; connected to Spanish present tense; the present simple is also used for future but only when it's something fixed like the train leaves at 7 pm
    • I’m going to have dinner with Kim --- plans, intention, quite sure predictions

I want to have dinner with Kim
    • I’ll have dinner with Kim --- a possibility, predictions, sudden decisions

      If you want to work with these tenses you can use these exercises: 

      Here you have a link with a lot of materials; click here 

      To finish with, here you have two songs we saw in class about future:

      When I'm 64 by The Beatles and Everybody wanna live your life by Mika