Monday, October 14, 2013

Increasing vocabulary

Here you are the exercises we did in class about adjectives ending in -ed or -ing. The exercise we did is here if you want to do it again on your own; click HERE. If you need more practice, here you are some more exercises:
We also worked with vocabulary of food so here you are some exercises:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Coming back to school!

Hello everybody! Here we are again after holidays. Are you eager to start? I am! It'll be nice to see you again or to meet new students. 

This shool year we are going to use this blog to do some practice or for further info about the topics we're dealing with at class. Let me tell you I have intermediate students in both programmes, the official one and  That's English!  Although I'll indicate which students should use each post in this blog the rest of the students are welcome to use it as well.

But let's start with something nicer... at least for me. Here you are a really good song with lyrics to refresh your English. I hope you'll enjoy it. Click HERE

See you at class!

That's English! Module 6 - unit 1: Expressing preferences+ expressing likes and dislikes

In unit 1 the topic is about holiday and the grammar prompt is expressing preferences with structures such as:
  • prefer + -ing form or + to+ infinitive 
  •  would raher + infinitive (without to)
To get a clearer idea, go to this link for further info and click here for practice and here or here

About likes and dislikes, this is a topic we usually have among the ones of the first level and we don't revise later, but we should. Let's have a look to these two videos to see this topic and check it is not so easy as we could think:
Pay attention to the relationship with verbs followed by -ING form. In this group you can find: like, dislike, hate, fancy, feel like, adore, love, enjoy or the expression don't mind.

I hope you'll find this useful. See you in class!