Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peace in the world

A friend of mine sent me this video about a citizen form Israe talking about what Iranian people mean for him. I thought it was very interesting because of the message and because you can see a non-native speaker using English as a foreign language. The link doesn't have subtitles but I think you'll be able to understand it pretty well:

Connected to this topic, I found this other video with the typical speech of Charles Chaplin in the film The Great Dictator. His English is perfect but I've used the link with subtitles because the message is fantastic as well.

To finish with, I'd like to share this link with the song Imagine by J. Lennon. I hope you'll enjoy this post; my intention was to show you that no matter you use to learn English but from my point of view it's much more attractive when you use things that mean something to you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

An example of how to pronounce Perfect Conditional

Some time ago I explained how difficult  it was the ponunciatiion of the perfect conditional due to the contractions, that is, WOULD HAVE DONE is pronounced /wudv/. There is a good example of how to pronounce it in this link of Hablarmejoringles. If you click here you'll revise it.
However, I think it'll be funnier if you listen to Adele'S in song Rolling in the Deep, especially when she says: We could have had it all. You have two links to see what I try to show you but the second link is interesting because you have the lyrics in English and the subtitles in Spanish in the same version, but it's a bit fussy to read both at the same time so here you have both links:

Enjoy this wonderful song! See you at school.