Monday, February 20, 2017

NA1 - Some Practice for Listening

Although you have this link in the blog and I'm not very sure about the level, let me recommend this listening as it's not very frequent to find this type. It's one of headings: go to this link

Sunday, February 19, 2017

That's English! - Module 6 - unit 1: Getting Better

We start a new module and a new lesson as well. It's about health, going to a doctor, alternative medicine, going to a chemist's and so on. Let's begin with the usual general questions:
  • Do you have good health? What do you do to be healthy?
  • Do you prefer traditional or alternative medicine? Do you believe alternative therapies work?
  • Have you ever tried alternative medicine? Which one? What was the experience like? Would you like to try any?
  • Have you ever tried to lose weight? Explain your experience to your mate.
About vocabulary connected to this topic, here you are some useful links:
  • a very large vocabulary list but be careful with the pronunciation (phonetics is not included)
  • here you are a vocabulary of the human body: clic here
  • a long list of exercises about the topic
For pair work, a common activity is to perform a role playing in which one student is a doctor and the other is the patient. Then you exchange your roles. Pay attention to these aspects:
  • symptoms and how long for
  • ask for details: habits, recent changes, diet...
  • ask/give advice to solve the problem
Another typical situation is going to a chemist's because you have a problem: do the same but this time you are a chemist and the customer.

Here you are some listening exercises:   exercise 1  (going to a chemist's)   exercise 2 (about health)     exercise 3 (going to the chemist's)    exercise 4 (going to the doctor)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Saint Valentine's Day

This post is a "romantic" contribution to Saint Valentine's Day. Here you are some short stories and some quotes about love. I hope you'll enjoy them.
  • short romantic stories: click here
  • romantic messages: click here
If you want to know something about Saint Valentine's Day here you have some videos:
  • a video about the story of Saint Valentine: click here or this one
  • Saint Valentine's day in America: click here or here
  • This is another video with some interested facts; clic here