Monday, April 27, 2015

NI1 - lesson 8A: Reported Speech

This topic is a typical grammar point but I'd like you to see it as a natural way of speaking. We use it very frequenltly in our conversation in Spanish and it's very usual in English as well. You must be logical and you'll find this topic much easier than expected. A list of changes is already in your own book. Here you are a video explaining this point, click here, but it's rather simple for you. However, for a good but long explanation, click here. Remember you can do some exercises at the end of the explanation.
Let me remind you that direct and indirect speech are very common in our daily life as well as in the news. If you read or watch some news you'll see it. Click here to check it: BBC news
The other problem was the use of if and whether. Here you are a good page to see the difference between them; click here

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NI1- lesson 7

In the practical English part of this lesson we are working with suggestions. Here you are a link with some models of suggestions and how to accept them or refuse them; click here Remember how important suggestions are in our daily conversations as we usually work with them. Try to be polite while suggesting.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NA1 - unit 7A: Don't Argue

This lesson deals with a lot of vocabulary and some typical expressions but there is a grammar point I'd like to focus on: the use of RATHER. Go to this link to see a good summary of that; click here
Some students have asked the list of adverbs of degree and you can go to this link, but I think it's a bit too dificult; this one might be easier, click here. If you want to practise, here you are some examples:
 Here you are the link to see the difference between ROB and STEAL; click here