Saturday, December 1, 2012

Exchanging conversation in Alcala and Madrid

I was sent this link about exchanging conversations and experiences with other students in Madrid and some student asked me about the topic. I'm not sure they are still in use or active. They have events and some meetings to talk to other people. I don't know much but abut it but you can have a look into it and then you'll tell me how it works.
Another possibility is here in Alcalá but just for university students I gess but I don't know if it works well. The links are:
There are also some places for exchanging conversation in English in Alcala:
  • THE GREEN IRISH PUB  C/ Empecinado nº 7. 
  • WHELAN'S is another Irish pub where you can meet foreigners to exchange conversation and I think they meet on Tuesday evening.
In Madrid there is a group for exchanging conversation called Multilinkual. . They meet on Tuesdays at O'Neill's (c/ Príncipe 12 - metro Sevilla o Sol) and on Thursday at Beer Station (Cuesta de Santo Domingo - metro Callao). The group is open so you can go whenever you want and if you need help you can ask David, the responsible there, to help you. You'll find people from everywhere and you can exchange English or other languages because many people are foreigners.