Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No longer, any longer and still - SO/SUCH .... THAT

The other day in the class of That's English! for intermediate level we saw these forms. Here you have some exercises to practise:
  • No longer (with possitive verbs), any longer (with negative ones) and still (when you keep on with the same situation): exercise 1     exercise 2   
  • We only saw the form she's so tall that se could play basketball, but there is another possibility with such; here you have a tutorial and at the end you'll find exercises. Click here 
  •  If you want to visit this old post of my other blog about conditionals, you should go to this link
  •  A student asked me where she could find more exercises about cloze test and here you have a good link with different topics and levels; click here
Just to finish with, here you have the video for the song If I were a rich man; go to this link

See you next week!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

British versus American English (module 7-unit 2)

Here you are some practice to see the difference between American and British English. Although the text we use is British, the influence of American English is getting more and more spread all over the world, especially thanks to the internet. Let's have a look the main differences:
  • Vocabulary: here you have an exercise with a list of words. Click here
  • This is a list of exercises with both kinds of English. Go to this page
  • The British Council has this exercise with a link. Click here
  • This last link is pretty complete. Click this
If you want to practise with listening, here you have some links:
  • this a video about both pronunciations and vocabulary. Your can click here or click  here
  • this one is about vocabulary connected to cars 
  • this is about the difference in general with a person showing the principal differences. Click here
Just for fun, here you have two more videos about American and British English; they are rather difficult but I think they worth a visit: