Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Expressing Agreement and Disagreement

Here you have some links with a collection of expressions. Go to these pages:

Comparative and Superlative Forms

Although we've already seen this grammar point in class, let's see some links to practise and to get a clear idea. The links are:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Interested in personality?

In the previous lesson we dealt with personality. Here you have some information about your Chinese zodiac, so you can see if it works with you. Go to this link and then click on your sign; click here.

Here you have another test in which you should use vocabulary related to personality; click here

Impoving your writing

I've just found a link with some help for writing. The author is a teacher called Jennifer, who has a blog and a webpage for learning English, and I think it's worth a visit but be patient because it takes time to see all the videos. If you are interested, go to this link by clicking here

Another long, deep explanation about how to write in English is in the following site but I think it's a bit difficult for your level of English but it's useful if you need to write in English for academic purposes or for business; click here

This last web page has quite a lot of information about rules for writing (spelling, capital letters, etc) but it's rather extended but if you are interested here you have the link

Don't worry too much about these links; they are here to help you. But remember it's better to write little by little, hand out compositions regularly and keep them to see what mistakes are the most common ones when you write and try to avoid them.

Remember I'm there, in clas,s to help you so ask me as much as you like or you need.
See you!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Conditionals in songs

Conditional sentences are very dificult to be used so why don't you try to do it funnier using music? Here you have some examples as a karaoke but once you can understand it go to the official (or without lyrics) and try to recognise the words again:

·        What if – Coldplay: 2nd type+could
·        What if – Ashly Tisdale: conditionals (1st-2nd)
·        What if - Kate Winslet: 2nd type conditional
Once you’ve tried a couple of times these versions with lyrics, try the official video without words, like the official one of the actress Kate Winslet and you’ll see how well you can understand the song:

Here you have a similar chart to the one I wrote on the board (from this site on the internet: :

typeif clausemain clause
0-general conditional

I-possible conditional
will-future (or Modal + infinitive) or present
II- improbable or hypothetical conditionalSimple Past would + infinitive * (simple conditional)
III- impossible conditional (regrets)Past Perfectwould + have + past participle * (perfect conditional)
If you want to practise with conditionals, here you have some explanations with exercises to do:
exercise 1      exercise 2        exercise 3
These exercises are a bit funnier; go to this link for first conditional and here for second conditional

Countable and uncountable. Quantifiers (NI1)

If you want to practise with countable and uncountable nouns, go to these pages to practise: