Wednesday, August 5, 2015


What's on? Are you enjoying your holiday? I hope so but as we usually have more free time during this wornderful period, why don't you try to improve your English?

This entry is to give you some tips about what you might do on holiday and how to spend some of your free time improving your English. Here you have some tips for the four skills:

READING - There are many texts on the internet to practise and you should try to read some books, texts or news to increase your vocabulary, to reinforce your grammar and to see models for your own writing. Here you are some useful links:
  • NA1: you should use ofiginal versions or high level readings in order to improve your standards
    • here you have American short stories with mp3; click here
    • if you like sciences this is a link with short stories related to science: click here 
  • NI1: you can find short texts here
  • For both levels: I've found this link but I don't know yet how it works, to be honest. Sounds good ands it's worth a try;
  • NA1: here you can find some tips for improving your formal writing, in particular for papers at university but also useful for learning English; click here
  • NI1 (but also NA1): this is a page with recommendations about how to improve your writing. It has a lot of useful information; click here
  • This is page for improving your speaking skills similar to the one of writing; click here
  • Speak as much as possible: meeting people (on holiday there are many more chances of doing it); use general topics and say your opinion about it or use the examples of That's English! in this same blog if you like; record your speaking with your computer, your mobile..., and use songs or readings with CD for practising by imitation.
If you want to practice with general exams you could go to these links: 
I hope this will be useful for all of you and for those who have to sit the exam in September, check your grades at CENTROSNET, at the EOI page and your dates for the exams. See you at school in September! Hve fun!