Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter is coming!

This tradition is one of the differences between Spanish and British culture as we celebrate Holy Week instead of Easter. Here you are some videos to explain that difference and some information about Easter. I hope you'll enjoy it!
The history of Easter: click here
Easter in the UK: click here
Easter traditions in other places: click here
A video about the Spanish Holy Week: click here
Easter and activities for children: click here
Happy holidays and see you in April!

NOTE: For those who worked with irregular verbs in class here you are a huge list; click here
If you want to revise this list you may use the exercises done in class:
  • the alphabetical order
  • selecting a letter
  • by topics: senses, education, money, human actions...
  • by pattern: A-A-A, A-B-B, A-B-C and A-B-A (cut-cut-cut, learn-learnt-learnt, fall-fell-fallen and come-came-come)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

NA1 - Working with Listening Skills

After the exam some of you asked me to work with exercises of filling the gaps; here you are two of them but the level is B2, a bit higher than yours but not so much. Have a try:
  • About Maasai Lions: clikc here
  • The Best Job in the World: click here
Apart from listening exercises, here you are the photocopy about icons showing feelings; click here
Another thing that some of you asked me was the use the verb suggest; this is connected to something we must revise: verbs followed by -ing form, by infinitive or by both. Be patient as we'll see it soon!
Just as some more curiosities abut tea (although it's a commertial target to American people, sorry!); click here