Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tips for the speaking exam

Remember you are going to take the exam in groups of 2 or 3 people and there are two taks:

  • TASK 1 : a short speech about a given topic. Pay attention to all the points you have to deal with. While preparing the speech, think about what grammar points you should use and revise the vocabulary you need there. Mind the entonation to avoid being boring.
  • TASK 2: you should get an agreement about a topic. Don't be too pushy and let the other people speak. Address to the others to ask for information, explanations, opinions, etc. When you say something try to explain your point of view in different ways, giving examples, talking about your experience and so on.
Take into account not only grammar but entonation and fluency; don't rush but don't be silent, either. Try to use a variety of structures, tenses and vocabulary to enrich your speaking part.

Correcting mistakes

Here you can go to a link where you may see most of the typical mistakes mede by Spanish speakers; they have three levels so you should go to the intermediate or advance level:

If you want to check how similar Chinese is to Spanish, go to this link: 

Practising listening comprehension

Although the format is not the same as the exam you'll sit at school, these exercises of listening comprehension for FCE could help you to practise:
Other exercise:
I hope they'll be useful.

Some material to go on practising

Here you have some links whicha can helpl you to prepare the exam, but they are not aimed for examination exactly:

From a blog for intermedio 2 student I've found this entry: 

Now, this is a fantastic link. On this website you can watch short videos tagged with their difficulty level (easy, medium, hard) and they are subtitled in English. So far, so good. But the great thing about it all is:
  • the audio is divided into chunks that you can listen to again and again.
  • the chunks can be listened to at a lower speed. Just click on the icon of the snail on the left hand bar.
  • you can record yourself copying what they say on the video, listen to your own recording and get a grade (how close to the original you got). To do this you just need a microphone connected to your computer. Then, you have to activate it and that´s all. Click on the icon of the microphone on the left, talk, get your grade and listen to the recording of your voice just by clicking on the icon of the hand.