Tuesday, October 27, 2015

That's English! - Module 9 - Unit 1: Time Goes By

In this unit we're going to work with idioms and expressions related to TIME. To start with you may go to this link with the most typical expressions and teh translation into Spanish: click here. However, I'm more interested in this link as it deals with idioms or idiomatic phrases: click here.
If you want to read an article about time, go to this link.
About the possible activities to do in class, here you have:
Answer these questions and compare your comments with your partner(s)
  • When do you lose track of time?
  • Do you ever feel that time is running out? Think of an example
  • In which situations do you feel that time drags on and on?
  • Discuss with your partner(s) ehen you'd like time to just stand still
  • In which situations does time fly for you? When does it go really slowly?

On page 17 there is a good exercise to speak about how to manage your time, especially if you are a clock-watcher. If you've done this quiz, talk about the results: if you agree, what you do to better your time management, ways to improve it and so on.

Tell a story to your partner about a strange or unusual experience you had. Then swap roles and ask questions to get more details.

Use the previous activity and write the story taking into account the prompts given in exercise 7a and 7b in your book.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

NI1 - 1B: Family Life

The topic of this lesson is family so we should revise the vocabulary. To do so, here you are a link for family members with the translation of every member into Spanish (click here) and here you are to do exercises
About the vocabulary of personality, here you are some pages to revise: click here with drawings and here with despcriptions and an example sentence.
This is a page for future tenses: click here and this is another one with a video: click here
Here you are a reading about how families have changed in UK, if you are interested in the topic: click here
This is the link for the song we saw in this lesson, Our House by Madness; but I prefer this one talkining about the generation gap: Father and Son by Cat Stevens, and this is a funny video about brotherhood: My Brother Taught Me How to Swim by Gravity Falls

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NA1- 3B: Incredibly Short Stories

In this lesson a web page is mentioned and if you are interested in reading some more really short stories here you are the link: fiftywordstories.com
But you might prefer something a bit different, with audio included. In that case you can use this link with many titles and many are for free: http://www.learnoutloud.com/Catalog
Apart from this, we've been working with adverbs and adverbial phrases. Here you have some links just in case you want to work with them.

  • a long list but without grammar explanation: click here
  • a good explanation and clear list but with no exercises: click here

Monday, October 19, 2015

Welcome to this new year!

Hello everybody!
Sorry for starting with the entries of the blog so late but I`ve been really busy.
Here we are this new year (2015-2016) so special for us. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our school and we want you to join us in the celebration.
A new year means new projects, new goals, new activities and so on, and that sounds appealing, doesn't it? But not everything is new. We still have the same textbooks as the ones we used the previous year; however, we will introduce new things to make it more interesting and to make it look different.
This video is a good summary of what we want to do this year:

Here you are a welcome present: a song by Radical Face. Click here
Looking forward to seeing you in class!