Thursday, February 7, 2019

B2.1 - Modals of ability

In lesson 4A we've dealt with this sort of modals and this is a video that explained it (in a "funny" way I must say!): click here. Then you could work with these exercises:
Apart from the modals CAN / COULD / TO BE ABLE/UNABLE TO, there are verbs which can be used instead as they have a similar meaning: MANAGE TO+ infinitive and SUCCEED IN+-ing and also *TO BE CAPABLE OF+ -ing (a bit weird). These verbs should be used when you are succeesful by doing the action, when you are very likely to do it. See the examples below:
  • This morning I managed to start my car despite the cold
  • I had a job interview and I succeeded in getting the post
Do this exercise to practise these two verbs and check the meaning: click here

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