Tuesday, February 12, 2019

B2.1 - The use of the article in English

This link is related to how to use articles in English: click here.
Apart from that, what we saw in class is that in general the articles must be used in this way:
  • THE = the definite article is like a determiner so it's used as THIS or THESE; e.g. Have you seen the new car (this new car)? 
  • A/AN = the indefinite aeticle has the meaning of ONE so it goes with countable nouns in singular and it can be taken as an example; e.g. I have a car  but  A car is faster than a bike
You should keep in mind that the use of articles is sometimes very different from Spanish as we never use article when it's referred to a general meaning: I love animals

There are many uses  but the best way to learn how to use articles is by practising so here are there some exercises to work on the grammar point; and remember that some of them have a grammar reference as well:
Geographical nous are more difficult so practise with these exercises: exercise 1   exercise 2
I hope you won't have more problems with articles.

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